Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So new blog. Been alot going on. We had a great holiday. Thanksgiving was awesome. We had family over, not many but that's alright. I cooked a ton of food, I just love too, and I must say, it was all delicious. And then along came Christmas. It was great. Vanna got a ton of things. She was very happy. We squeaked by still believing in Santa, but I'm not so sure about next year. We are enjoying being in our new home. Not quite settled yet. Still got accent furniture to get and pictures to put up, but all in time. I still feel like I'm living a dream, or that I'm living in a hotel or something, lol. But it's all ours. In just a little over a month out 1st granddaughter will be here. It's exciting yet sad. Don't know when we'll meet her. Same old, same old. Tired of that drama and shit, but what do you do. Curt is very hurt by it all, and not handling it the way he should. But I understand as well. It brings back memories of when his dad was murdered, and that will take along time for him to get over. All the negativity and jealousy from certain people don't help the situation either. But it's whatever. I'm living for my family. My husband and baby girl. And who ever else whats to be included. But I'm not putting myself out anymore for those who may or may not really appreciate it.

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