Friday, April 6, 2012

2 of our family members died last night.  Harvey and Jumper, Vanna's guinea pigs.  Very sad.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You can go through life living a lie; pretending to be someone else, be something else.  You can be someone’s puppet, allow your mind to be brainwashed and manipulated.  Or you can decided to be yourself.  To accept your mistakes, learn from them; to embrace your triumphs, rejoice in them.  In the end it is your choice which path your will live, one of lies or one of truth and acceptance.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Year.

Wow, so it's 2012.  Crazy huh.  Things in our life have been going great.  Not perfect, but nothing is.  Some things haven't changed, ie the issues with Ciara, but there is nothing that I can do about that.  Just love her and be here when she's ready.  The baby will be here real soon, wish me and her dad and Vanna could be a part of that, especially since we were the ones she came to for help when she 1st suspected she may be pregnant.  And we were the 1st to know and support her.  She has forgotten all that, or suppressed it actually.  But it is what it is.  Kateisha has surprised me by not buying into all the drama and lies, she really has grown up and is listening to her own mind.  She's doing great, been doing some modeling and working on getting a band together.  She has her dreams; some have come and gone, some have stayed; and she's working to achieve them.  Vanna is doing awesome.  I was afraid the change of schools might have affected her, but nope, she's a trooper.  I think it helped that I didn't change her Girl Scout troop, so she didn't lose all her friends.  And she's great at making new ones.  She's doing awesome at school, already meeting and exceeding end of year expectations.  And she's going to do soccer this year.  She takes after her big sissy Ciara in her love for the sport.  I'm so excited for her games, it's going to be so fun.  Curt is, as always, doing great.  Know one can tell that just a little over 2 years ago he was in the Burn ICU and not expected to live.  Boy did he prove everyone wrong.  And then the fact that only 6 months after his accident he was back to work, at the place where his accident occurred even.  That surprised everyone as well.  But that's my husband.  I'm doing good, just waiting on Social Security to get a move on so I can finally contribute financially to our household.  I hate not having money of my own, I always feel like a burden.  But it is what it is.  And now that we have our own home, still unbelievable, we can finally own pets.  And not just caged animals.  We already have the 5 guinea pigs, who we all love dearly, but now we a have a puppy and I have my cat.  And Curt's getting his pit soon.  So overall things are good.  Couldn't ask for anything more.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So new blog. Been alot going on. We had a great holiday. Thanksgiving was awesome. We had family over, not many but that's alright. I cooked a ton of food, I just love too, and I must say, it was all delicious. And then along came Christmas. It was great. Vanna got a ton of things. She was very happy. We squeaked by still believing in Santa, but I'm not so sure about next year. We are enjoying being in our new home. Not quite settled yet. Still got accent furniture to get and pictures to put up, but all in time. I still feel like I'm living a dream, or that I'm living in a hotel or something, lol. But it's all ours. In just a little over a month out 1st granddaughter will be here. It's exciting yet sad. Don't know when we'll meet her. Same old, same old. Tired of that drama and shit, but what do you do. Curt is very hurt by it all, and not handling it the way he should. But I understand as well. It brings back memories of when his dad was murdered, and that will take along time for him to get over. All the negativity and jealousy from certain people don't help the situation either. But it's whatever. I'm living for my family. My husband and baby girl. And who ever else whats to be included. But I'm not putting myself out anymore for those who may or may not really appreciate it.