Saturday, August 22, 2009

My online life, leave it alone.

So I decided to take back my online life from my online stalker. I went through all my profiles and blocked this person, where possible. I also blocked this person from IMing me from any of my IM's and also from emailing me. There were a few sites that I couldn't block this person, and one of my emails as well-at least it's not my main ones- and I haven't blocked this person from calling my phone numbers. I have to check on that so I may or may not do it. But it makes me feel so much better to do this, and on a lot of my sites when you block someone they cannot see your site as well as not being able to contact you. There are some that they still can view but cannot contact you and on those sites I'm not making my info private, I feel that I shouldn't have too, it's like giving in to the stalker. But anyways it makes me feel so much better having done this, it's only a small thing to do, but it gave me back my security.

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