Monday, June 15, 2009

I honestly can't understand.

So my stepdaughter, my daughter by heart, texts me this morning telling me that her nose won't stop bleeding and that she's lightheaded. She says whenever she gets up her head starts to pound. I told her what to do, at least the best I know, and that I would make her a doctor appointment for as soon as possible. But here's the thing. First, she's in Lacey and I'm in Tacoma. Her Dad doesn't have custody of her, yet, but has medical insurance for her. And her Mom, well she cares more for her husband than anything else. And I know that her symptoms might be a sign of high blood pressure, and that a few years ago, now mind you she is only 15, she had an issue with her blood pressure. Her Mom was supposed to monitor it for a few weeks and get back to the doctor. She never did. So now here we are. And I'm worried, pissed off, scared. I just hope that when I take her in that I first don't have any issues with the doctor's office since we don't legally have custody, though she will be living here in a few days, and that there really is nothing seriously wrong. And then, when we find out what's wrong, do I tell her Mom or not. She never gave us that courtesy, we always heard things from my daughter.

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